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BTC is submerged, but the metal you can hold is alive and well.


With Bitcoin at its lowest point in the last few years, there have been talks about whether it will recover or not. But this is where risk management kicks in. With crypto making only a bit of the portfolio you can mitigate the risk and still be in profit.

With Bitcoin at the $20k mark after a very long time Gold is outperforming these digital assets. With China and Russia, banning all crypto-related activities and Russia waging a war on Ukraine, crypto has taken several hits. Not only that, but the crash of the Luna and USDT have also added to the decline. With the effects of the pandemic now finally being seen, it is now even more obvious what can go wrong and what can’t.

Bitcoin was placed at $17,850 in December 2017, there was a chance that it might reach an all-time low but that did not happen. Bitcoin recovered 8% and crossed the $20k mark. Even NASDAQ has been struggling with only 1.4% gains realized. But experts say that we cannot have a Bitcoin rally anytime soon. Rather it is highly unlikely.

With Inflation at a 40-year high, investors are worried about how their portfolios will beat inflation and maintain its current course. With crypto being down, Gold has been in a great space for some time now. It makes sense to invest in gold, or buy more crypto at the dip. As of now analog gold is doing better than the poster boy of crypto, Bitcoin.

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