Monday, December 4, 2023

Bud Light Meets Hard Seltzer and an NFT in a New Beer

Bud Light Next is a carbohydrate-free beer that shall soon debut during the Super Bowl. Along with this, Anheuser-Busch Inbev (BUD) shall embrace the metaverse by launching their first NFTs.

It will be available worldwide on 7th February, a day after the brewing giant debuts its first non-fungible token initiative, the N3XT Bud Light Assortment. The brewery claims that the drink has been under development for over a decade, has eighty calories, four percent alcohol, and zero carbohydrates by the liter.

The brewery is aiming for customers who have always coveted a beverage that overcomes the limits of a typical beer. Additionally, it would deliver the characteristics and sessionability of carbonated water. This is as per a press release from them on 27/01.

The N3XT Bud Light Set, which hits the market on 6th February, will have more than twelve thousand individual non-fungible tokens. They are created with color indicators and should cost 399 dollars apiece to users aged twenty-one or above. Token buyers will be eligible to comment on upcoming products and shall have exposure to company and sponsor engagements. As per an announcement, the company intends to advertise the beer throughout the Super Bowl coverage on 13th February. It would have 4 minutes of space for advertising.

The brewery is now on a roll from early this week. It announced on 31/01 that it will be expanding its Vodka Seltzer NÜTRL countrywide following a strong provincial debut in 2021. This spells good news for crypto enthusiasts, with more and more companies joining the metaverse.

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