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Buy Bitcoin, Don’t Sell, You’ll Thank Me Later, Says Mexico’s Third Richest Billionaire.

Mexico’s 3rd richest billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, said that the current sink in the BTC (Bitcoin) price is ideal for buying and not selling your bitcoins. According to Ricardo Salinas Pliego, when the price decreases like it happened with the bitcoin’s recent price sinking which went below $40,000. It is the time to buy as much of the cryptocurrency as you can. He took to Twitter to share, it will be beneficial for the investors to hold them and not sell.

The founder of TV Azteca, Mexico’s second-largest TV broadcaster, Salinas said, one has to keep buying bitcoin while the price of the coin is still low and just hold them. You should forget selling your Bitcoins, believe me, you will be thanking me later the billionaire said recently.

Last November, bitcoin fell over 40% from its high price. So many corporations and individuals bought during the dip, this includes Nasdaq-listed Ted Cruz, Microstrategy, and the El Salvador government.

This isn’t for the first time that Salinas strongly recommended buying the BTC. In June last year, he explained, Bitcoin is a coin with quite a few extraordinary properties. All the benefits these bitcoins have for me are nothing less than modern gold.

Salinas usually criticized fiat currency and said it is fraud. Bitcoins are not liked by any of the government, it troubles that the people might leave their fiat trap. After all, that’s what fiat is, a fraud, he concluded.

Hodling the coins will be a better move as of now and treat them as a long term investment.

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