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Cardano attains top spot in new global brand intimacy report.


Cardano, a blockchain developer, now represents the crypto space with a new report by MBLM on global brand intimacy showing its top spot. It comes in 26 among 600 brands and holds the top spot in the crypto industry.

The report describes Cardano as not only the highest ranked crypto brand but also the highest performing financial services brand. The brand relations agency used artificial intelligence and big data to understand consumer relationships with some of the world’s leading brands like Tesla, Disney, and Apple. Bitcoin came in as #30, while other crypto brands like Uniswap and Solana came in #261 and #265.

Cardano, as per the surveyors, is a new entry and the highest ranked in crypto and the highest performing financial services brand in the study. Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano, said the company is based on the belief that everyone is equal and should live in a fair society. He highlighted that it doesn’t require a founder, a particular culture, or a country. There are people in the Cardano ecosystem from over 100 different countries working towards the end. Cardano has outpaced brands like Google and eBay. One of the users believes Cardano is in the league where the big boys are. The report goes on to say that the impact of the global pandemic shows that brand performance has increased by 19% since before the pandemic.

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