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Cardano is held by 26.4 percent of Australian cryptocurrency owners, while Dogecoin is the favorite in the United States

Anyone who is active on various social media sites must have come across the term ‘dogecoin’. Dogecoin is a meme cryptocurrency. In other words, it’s a crypto that is based on the Doge meme. As the name implies, it’s a funny-looking Shiba Inu dog that is perhaps one of the most famous memes on the internet. Thus, during its launch, dogecoin automatically became popular among meme creators. On top of that, this crypto was also mentioned by Elon Musk on live TV, who is notorious for dabbling in dank memes from time to time.

Cardano, on the other hand, is a third-generation cryptocurrency. More specifically, it’s a blockchain platform that is built on peer-reviewed research. According to their website, their aim is to change the world for the better by keeping everything decentralized and to transfer power from unaccountable structures to the margins. It uses native tokens or ADA. It is also considered the most environmentally-sustainable blockchain platform.

The numbers

Initially, dogecoin gave its investors big returns. It remains popular among members of various meme groups even after its dip. As of 28th October 2021, dogecoin is down by 5.57% and sits at $0.241624. Possibly, quite a few people are holding on to doge for dear life. Cardano or ADA, on the other hand, is down by 10.34% and sits at $1.93.

Currently, Cardano is more popular among Australians. Dogecoin is favored by Americans. This could probably be due to the rich meme culture of America. Some meme creators, in fact, consider America to be a meme itself. So, it is no surprise that a meme cryptocurrency is more popular in the land of the free, home of the brave.

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