Monday, March 4, 2024

Cardano-Supported Project Adopts AI with Launch of AI-Powered Girolamo.

The goal of the CardanoGPT project is to integrate artificial intelligence into the Cardano ecosystem and blockchain. The team just released the AI chatbot, CardanoGPT. The price of Cardano was $0.3919 at the time of writing.

CardanoGPT announces Girolamo’s beta launch

CardanoGPT’s AI-powered chatbot is called Girolamo. An important step toward integrating artificial intelligence capabilities into blockchain projects and applications is the project’s announcement of the chatbot’s beta launch.

The investigation of AI applications on the Cardano blockchain enters a new phase with the beta launch. The AI chatbot’s goal is to increase the interactivity and functionality of blockchain apps.

With recent advancements at the American Artificial Intelligence organization, OpenAI, the narrative centered on AI gained momentum. Microsoft, a behemoth in technology, is developing AI applications for businesses to aid in the development of solutions for companies wishing to arrange their data into searchable knowledge bases.

These events sparked a surge in cryptocurrencies with an AI focus, and the AI story took center stage in Q4 2023 blockchain and cryptocurrency narratives.

With a current price of $0.3919, Cardano has returned almost 4% in value to its owners over the last seven days. Over the course of the last 30 days, the Ethereum alternative token—which surged alongside highly valued assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum—offered holders of ADA gains of 36%.

The price of Cardano hasn’t changed in the last day.

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