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Despite Cardano’s vote dominance, Hoskinson vents when BitPay lists Shiba Inu over ADA.

A user poll conducted recently placed $ADA ahead of $SHIB. However, despite the poll results, BitPay – the crypto payment platform listed $SHIB ahead of $ADA. This left Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson understandably displeased.

Users were polled on Twitter by BitPay. The users had a total of 15 options of tokens to choose from in the poll. Surprisingly, BitPay supported $SHIB even before the results of the poll were known. For this action, BitPay attracted a lot of criticism and was questioned on the need for a poll in the first place. To understand BitPay’s move, the context needs to be understood.

BitPlay Listing

BitPay blogged that, via its app, it was now possible to transact using ethereum ERC-20 token $SHIB. Later, during the weekend, Flexa – the Gemini-supported digital payment platform also announced its support for $SHIB.

$SHIB holders are now provided with the option of transacting with their $SHIB tokens at over 40,000 physical locations. These locations are spread across the US and Canada. These developments indicated strong fundamentals for $SHIB. However, it is also to be noted that the price of $SHIB has been witnessing a downward trend for the last 6 weeks.

Hoskinson, in response to the $SHIB listing on BitPay, tweeted to question the purpose of the poll initiated by BitPay if the results were to be ignored. He found support for his views from another Twitter user. In the poll, $ADA won 41% of the votes to $ SHIB’s 17%.

Despite the contradiction between the poll results and the listing, Cardano’s $ADA could also get listed on BitPay. However, BitPay is yet to comment on the reason for its listing decision. It is also yet to clarify if the poll results affect listing decisions. In the absence of communication from BitPay, it would be best for users on social media to not speculate on BitPay’s listing policy.

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