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Carebig Foundation Ltd. Was Featured Sponsor in Crypto Expo Dubai

There has been a dramatic new technique for making payments since 2009. The invention of Bitcoin, the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment system, has generated a new and burgeoning set of payment services known as ‘cryptocurrencies.’

No government established or backs these digital currencies, and no single user has complete authority over them. Could this be the primary method of payment for goods and services in the twenty-first century?

Well! That’s a matter of ever-discussion topic. When you suggested “cryptocurrency” to someone a few years ago, they probably imagined a shadowy banking system with cloaked merchants sitting behind shady computers. But now, everything’s changed, and people are getting interested in attending crypto-based events.

The latest crypto event occurred on 16-17 March, called “Crypto Expo Dubai.” CareBig Foundation Ltd. was present in booth no. 83 and was one of the featured sponsors of the event.

As described on the website, it says that it is a project that generates revenue using intelligent contracts while also having a positive impact on the community.

What is CareBig Token?

You must wonder what is the use of tokens when there are already so many AltCoins available in the market? Care Big Token focuses on utility and, as a result, establishes a platform for action rather than being driven by securitization.

Big Token Care aims to cover a wide range of topics like wellbeing, which has affected a considerable portion of the population in recent times.

Because Care Big Token is based on smart contracts, it will be context-sensitive in terms of how you can use the tokens. CareBig Foundation believes that suitable activities contribute to a better society and should thus be rewarded, as this will benefit the entire society.

The concept for constructing networks using tokens is that if they can work together efficiently, it is more productive to work with others as well.

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