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Carma Coin – Creating a Long-Term DeFi Ecosystem


Carma Coin, alongside their various charitable contributions, has announced the launch of MagicSwap. MagicSwap is Carma Coin’s attempt at releasing their own decentralized finance, or DEX. This will be released in the form of an ecosystem with high utility and aims to help users make profits through NFTs that are linked to their DEX.

Due to be released on September 28th, the MagicSwap DEX will be governed using the $SPRINKLE token. Carma Coin is known for its entry into the market with a new concept. From there, they are now focusing on longevity as well as utility and profitability for users.

MagicSwap DEX and NFTs

The new MagicSwap DEX will have the ability to integrate with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs from Carma Coin will be filled with high utility, and this will, in turn, be linked to the DEX of the user. This allows users to passively make income through their digital art.

Carma Coin will also be releasing NFTs at various price points. These NFTs will also bestow special rewards that can be used within Carma Coin’s ecosystem through Sprinkle Airdrop. The NFTs that Carma Coin will release were specially designed by Zer0Kewl. He was once a designer but since then has shifted into Ethereum mining.

Carma Coin and Building a Sustainable Ecosystem

Carma Coin, through the MagicSwap DEX and NFTs hopes to create a sustainable DeFi ecosystem. To this end, they have already sold over a hundred BNB of high utility NFTs. This, in a way, shows that Carma Coin has community support for their concept.

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