Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Case for Crypto from a Transhumanist Perspective

With the growth in technology, life as we know it will not survive for very long. It might seem science-fiction in 2021, but that day is not very far away when human consciousness would be uploaded to a server to live forever. Advancement in information technology, physics, medicine is making this dream possible, and transhumanization is not as distant a dream as it used to be. Many experts now agree that human societies will change dramatically over the next 100 years. To sustain this change, we would also need a monetary system that can keep up with these dramatically different systems. As of now, Bitcoin is the top contender for this spot.

There are many ways we can speculate the end of fiat currency and the dominance of cryptocurrencies. However, we must also keep in mind that it would not solve all problems of the world. It will also create an acute situation of haves and have-nots, since early adopters will be at an undue advantage. Whether the 1% would still dominate the world or not is not clear, there is no doubt about an economic divide. However, technology by then could alleviate these issues and make life comfortable for every human in the world.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin’s full potential is still very far. It has barely been a decade since its launch, and prices have already gone up exponentially. Whether transhumans adopt crypto as the exclusive mode of transaction is a tough question to answer now

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Cryptured Team
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