Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Cat destroys Bitcoin node with “dirty protest” amid price fall.

The node of a bitcoin is important for its protocol. There are malignant attackers who may attack nodes and turn them offline. This way, they could reduce the resilience that the network has. However, for one bitcoin user based in the UK, it was his cat that rendered his node no longer reachable.

Going by the handle bodl_holder, he revealed that he had started running the Raspberry Pi in the form of an Umbrel node. This is was the month of January in 2021. This was as he wanted to make contributions to the network’s decentralization.

Cat Attacks Bitcoin Node

The bitcoin node was able to run smoothly since it was first connected. It was able to confirm BTC blocks every ten minutes on average, depending on how difficult the adjustment was. In the month of May in 2022, the price began to tumble. It fell to under $30,000. When the user went to log in in their node after a while, they found that their node couldn’t be found anywhere on their network.

Then he removed it from behind the sofa to find that it was coated in cat vomit that had crusted. This protest by the cat ended up affecting the node’s ability to make a connection to the internet. The vomit was able to get through the slots for the vent, and as a result, it successfully switched the node from online to offline. When a BTC node ends up going offline, it stops contributing to the network’s security, and as a result, could end up jeopardizing the protocol of the BTC.

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