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Celebrities, athletes, and influencers flocked to the Crocs League NFT pre-sale to help sell out the event.

It’s no secret that the NFT markets are gaining traction among influencers as well as celebrities. In the Crocs League NFT pre-sale, big names like Choi, James Deagle, WSTRN, Jimi Manuwa, and Chloe Othen backed it. The Crocs League NFT project is the brainchild of Andrew Brown, who also goes by the alias Doctor Troller.

Crocs League is a blockchain game. To participate in this game, the player has to buy a Crocs League NFT. The game is based in a dystopian future where crocodiles have out-evolved human beings. Battles, socialization, the crowning of kings and queens – the game would involve it all. All in all, the crocs league has exactly 4,444 NFTs. Thus, you might want to purchase one as quickly as possible if you want to participate in this society of crocodiles.

The crocs league project seems to be on the brink of success even before it has been launched. Already, 15,000 people have associated with the project on social media. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them would end up buying the crypto. However, the project is definitely one of the popular ones when it comes to NFTs.

The trade sales have also crossed 10,000 dollars. For Doctor Troller, who is based in Chelsea, this is nothing short of a glimpse of success that is to come. In the future, it is highly likely that projects like the crocs league will pop up here and there. Moreover, the gamification involved in this project can probably be another factor that will contribute to its overall popularity.

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