Thursday, November 30, 2023

Censoring MEV Are Harming Ethereum’s Credible Neutrality.

The use of censoring Miner Extractable Value (MEVs) is one of the biggest factors harming Ethereum’s credible neutrality. It relays work as a mediator between block producers and block builders. MEVs are used by major crypto players like Celsius Network, Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, and Cream Finance among others.

Analysts say that users staking Ether on platforms that run censoring MEV relays on their validators directly contribute to the censorship of Ethereum. Crypto platforms and exchanges can overcome this by adopting a non-censoring MEV-boost relay. Popular MEV-boost relays like Ultra Sound Money, Aestus, Agnostic Boost, Max Profit, BloXroute and Manifold do not promote censorship.

Investors should understand that protocol-level censorship is deterrent to crypto’s goal of unleashing open and inclusive finance. As such, investors and service providers should opt for non-censoring MEV-boost relays. According to PeckShield, the Ethereum ecosystem recently saw two dormant addresses active after four years to transfer 22,982 ETH. The last recorded activity was in October 2018. The Ethereum transfers were traced to Genesis and Poloniex trading platforms.

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