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CertiK Securing the Future of Blockchain Infrastructure Attend Quantum Miami 2023.


CertiK is the industry standard for auditing services for blockchains and smart contracts. Yale and Columbia University faculty members in computer science started the startup that same year (2018). CertiK aims to build a blockchain environment free from vulnerabilities like hacks and exploits by providing state-of-the-art security solutions.

CertiK was present during the Quantum Miami 2023 summit and impressed the world leader with its robust services and infrastructure.

Some of the top services provided by CertiK 

Auditing of Smart Contracts

The CertiK smart contract auditing service checks that a blockchain-based app’s code is safe and secure. As part of this service, the code is analyzed thoroughly, including a manual review by security specialists, to locate and fix any vulnerabilities.

Testing for Vulnerabilities

To find security flaws in a blockchain-based system, CertiK offers a penetration testing solution that mimics a real-world attack. The service provides an in-depth evaluation of the system’s safety via automated and manual testing.


CertiKShield, an all-inclusive insurance coverage, covers losses incurred due to flaws in smart contracts or blockchain hacking. Lloyds of London is backing the insurance that offers $1 million in coverage.

CertiK Security Oracle

If you’re really worried about the safety of your blockchain network, you can use CertiK’s Security Oracle to keep an eye on things in real-time. The Security Oracle analyzes network data with machine learning and other cutting-edge methods, then reports its findings to security teams.

CertiK Chain

CertiK Chain is a blockchain platform with an emphasis on security and decentralization. CertiKOS, a novel consensus technique built on verified execution technology, guarantees the correctness of all system operations.

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