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With the help of Chainlink, Dez Bryant will introduce NFTs that measure player stats.


NFTs have had a huge impact on the world of sports and entertainment since the last year. Many sporting organizations have come up with their own NFT collections to increase reach with fans. Following the dry spell in the sports and entertainment industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, NFTs have breathed new life into many of these organizations. In a deviation from the norm, now an individual American football player is coming up with NFTs in collaboration with analytics firm Chainlink.

American footballer Dez Bryant is known for his platform Personal Corner, apart from being a renowned footballer in the NFL. He has come up with a unique initiative of dynamic NFTs that change information based on a player’s stats. In a way, it is akin to traditional football stats websites, but in the form of NFTs. The former Dallas Cowboys player believes that his initiative will mean a lot to players who want to improve the fan-athlete relationship. With events being organized in empty stadiums for a large part of the previous year and the year before that, there has been a considerable strain on the fan-athlete relationship.

NFTs can bridge this gap through their interactive features. A dynamic NFT would be very effective in bringing fans closer to the game, according to Bryant. He is evidently excited about his new venture and believes that Chainlink has all the tools needed to turn this dream into a reality.

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