Sunday, December 3, 2023

ChainWars is poised to take over the blockchain gaming industry.

When one thinks of disruptive technologies, blockchain comes to mind. In just a decade, blockchain has resulted in the emergence of cryptocurrencies and a huge change in the financial sector. The next big sector in which one will see many changes is the gaming industry. Blockchain and gaming are creating a completely new landscape.

In the gaming sector, ChainWars is a project that is on the cusp of a new movement. Its function is to help gamers earn income while playing immersive games. This game is something beyond the norm and entails collectible cards that are digital. In most games, assets are minted in-game as NFTs. This ensures a player’s ability to own as sell as trade any item within that game’s metaverse. Authentic storylines which are based on sci-fi and immersive capture a player’s attention.

What ChainWars has to offer is an inventive token system which is sustainable and helpful in developing products and/or services. All of this is made possible within the game’s ecosystem. ChainWars metaverse uses its native CWE token to power playing. A token holder can use it to access features and buy asset NFTs with a game and then trade on any supported marketplace.

This token serves as a method of governance. Any token holder can create new proposals and vote on them. They can also work on development in the ecosystem. The greater number of token a holder possesses, the higher his voting power.

As of now, CWE listings can be found on the DEX Pancake Swap and MoonLift launchpad. ChainWars has also said that it will release many products before March 31, 2022 (2022 Q1). This is expected to increase use-cases of the CWE token and also draw in more gamers to this ecosystem.

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