Monday, December 4, 2023

Children can HODL Bitcoin, as demonstrated by the Satoshi milkshake experiment.

A Bitcoin experiment that takes place on the Isle of Man involves the Lightning Network. This experiment involves twenty-five school children, a teaching assistant, and a teacher with the promise of a milkshake that has given amazing results.

MSW Bitcoin trial was the same as the Marshmallow Experiment conducted by Stanford, a psychological trial that has taken place in 1972. In other words, the experiment was to understand people’s behavior as to what they will do when given a choice. Children have been given a choice between an instant prize or a bigger award if they can wait for some more time. The reward that would be given was a marshmallow.

Out of 27 participants, 22 participants HODL bitcoins

The Milkshake Experiment that took place in man of isle gave amazing results. Only five people spent their bitcoin out of 27 participants which means, 22 HODL the bitcoins.

The kids do not have a CoinCorner account, and probably they are immature for this. The experiment did its job when it comes to the promotion of Bitcoin. This experiment will give a boost to the adoption of bitcoin and represent that it is too easy to use bitcoin. It will help in boosting the Bitcoin culture among this generation.

The Isle of Man is rapidly growing as a leading European destination when it comes to bitcoin adoption. Almost 40 businesses started to accept Bitcoin on the Isle of Man with around 85,000 people.

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