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Christine Brown of Robinhood discusses how the industry is making cryptocurrency more approachable

Christine Brown is the new CEO of Robinhood, also handling the duty of Vice President as announced by the officials of the company. Her journey in Robinhood began as a senior product manager with the duty to administer all the operations related to cryptocurrency. In the initial stages, she found the crypto market inaccessible and something beyond her knowledge. But as she progressed she got a clear view of the financial market.

With learning more about stocks and shares, she found two critical aspects:

  • The use of old and traditional technology was a barrier for innovations.
  • She thought, the lack of transparency hinders the growth.

With time, she learned all aspects of crypto and considered it helpful for side income. According to Brown, crypto is trying to create a stable and democratic financial system. That’s when she got to know, how the idea of democratizing crypto is equal to Robinhood’s foundation.

The company is looking forward to making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Robinhood doesn’t stop providing services to the crypto experts, but they want to reach a wide range of people including those who are doubtful about crypto and are curious to invest in cryptocurrency. Also, Brown revealed that Robinhood is trying to reach women around the world who are not familiar with financial markets. Most of the women find themselves struggling when it comes to financial markets.

Robinhood’s product focuses more on everyday investors who have less insight into the financial market. The company is trying to lower the heightened barrier of investing in crypto and making it more accessible to women. It is told that in the coming year, Robinhood is likely to launch a cryptocurrency wallet.

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