Monday, December 4, 2023

Ol Pejeta Conservancy is the beneficiary of a Christmas Charity Drive hosted by a play-to-earn game.

Play to earn gaming model is expanding every day. It is no longer limited to earning in-game assets or fiat money. Now, game developers are taking this concept to benefit social causes. They have developed online token rewards that can be converted into fiat money and donated to social causes. This will benefit sectors that have remained untouched by the crypto developments. Now gamers can support social projects while playing their favorite games.

The Innovations Coming in the Field of Charity Wallet

A charity wallet helps share a part of the game reward for a social cause. The money can be donated to a specific organization. Game companies are working on various models to donate money to charities and social projects. They are releasing in-game tokens and special edition benefits for players. Polker game is a popular play to earn blockchain-based poker game. It has been developing its game community for long. Its players can buy, sell, and trade NFTs while playing poker games. Polker successfully launched a beta edition release with NFTs. Another launch is planned on MEXC centralized exchange, with further announcements for more CEX coming soon.

Helping OI Pejeta Conservancy

The Polker developers have decided to support this project because of its unique goal. It is designed to help the area’s endangered animals. This place is home to the remaining last two northern white rhinos and some other rare animals. This project is dependent on the income earned from the tourist visitors. The number of such visitors has dwindled because of the recent pandemic. Polker wants to help this project in its own way. It is helping its players donate to this project. The OI Pejeta Conservancy project will receive funds in fiat money. Polker will offer several benefits to its players when they contribute to this cause.

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