Wednesday, June 12, 2024

CNBC presenter Jon Najarian joins the community-focused DAO as a council member.

Billionaires have the power to make changes in this world on their merit alone. Sadly, most of their money remains parked in tax havens, real estate, and other things that do not benefit the people who need the money most. It is estimated that the world hunger problem can be solved with only $6 billion and $10 billion can fund the whole refugee program of the UN. It is important that funds get allocated to solve the major problems facing this world

The Blockchain Solution

This is where the Earth Fund comes into the picture. Established as a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, it offers its community the option to invest in it with Earth tokens. Its token 1Earth allows the holder to get access to this community. This fund will be used to support projects that plan to make this world better for everyone. Its members will also receive compensation. Every contribution’s 2% will be received by them as a reward. The exact amount will be determined by the community members.

In addition to This Advisory Council

The Earth Fund team already includes influential people who have worked for companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Redbull, Berkshire Hathaway, and others. They have experience working in the cryptocurrency industry. The team recently announced the joining of CNBC anchor Jon Najarian. He brings his experience of founding Mercury Trading for Chicago Options Exchange. He has been a regular cryptocurrency investor and worked in many other prominent roles.

Jon is excited to join this team. He has spent time in recent years in Defi and crypto spaces. Joining this DAO will allow him to contribute to this mission using blockchain decentralized solutions. He expects the diverse team of this project to make great positive impacts in the lives of people.

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