Thursday, July 25, 2024

Coinbase Cloud adds suite of tools to support Avalanche blockchain

Coinbase Cloud has added a suite of tools to support Avalanche builders and smart contract platform. It is running an Avalanche public validator node to allow network participants to stake their AVAX tokens. Validators can verify transactions, participate in consensus and add blocks.

Delegators can contribute to validators by staking tokens. They need a minimum of 25 AVAX to stake and funds to cover the gas fees. Coinbase Cloud’s staking infrastructure is touted to be built to the highest security standards. It offers a 99% uptime guarantee and makes it easy to spin up a validator in just a few steps. There is no need for coding.

Moreover, the Coinbase Wallet SDK encourages developers to expand their app’s reach to millions of users. It provides easy access to the Avalanche ecosystem through the Coinbase Wallet. The Coinbase Wallet has built-in fiat onramps whereby users can buy AVAX from Coinbase. It provides first-class support for Avalanche C-Chain, the Fuji testnet, and EVM-compatible subnets. The EVM-compatible application can run seamlessly and reliably through the Coinbase Wallet. The integration, with only a few lines of code, can be completed within minutes.

Joe Lallouz, the head of product at Coinbase Cloud, said they are excited to work with the Avalanche team to empower builders and participants. He highlighted that Avalanche is building a more vibrant and accessible Web3 economy. Coinbase Cloud will work with them and help the network grow and scale.

Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, VP of Marketing at Ava Labs, acknowledged that the Coinbase Cloud team offers technical expertise, security, best practices, and a deep understanding of protocols.

Besides, the Coinbase Cloud is building a Query & Transact infrastructure to help developers access data from the Avalanche blockchain. This is seen as the most fundamental step to building DApps such as wallets, data aggregators, exchanges, and blockchain analytics solutions. Developers with Query & Transact have reliable read/write access to data with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They can easily customize their Query & Transact read/write infrastructure through the Coinbase Cloud web interface.

The developers can distribute their nodes across four geographic regions and two cloud providers to serve traffic across the world with low latencies. Coinbase Cloud wants to make it easier and faster for developers to build innovative applications and unlock new use cases.

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