Saturday, April 13, 2024

Coinbase’s stock drops 5% ahead of Wall Street, as the Bitcoin price drops.

Every second counts and people in the world of finance know this better than anybody. Recently due to a glitch that lasted only a few minutes, Coinbase saw its shares going down by 5%.

During the Super Bowl 2022, they advertised that they are giving away $15 to anyone who uses their platform to trade crypto. They had an influx of users and the servers could not handle it. They said that they have never seen so many people getting on their platform at the same time.

The overwhelmed servers crashed in under a few minutes of the ad airing and many people spoke about it. Users took to social media to voice their complaints and made fun of the whole ordeal. Edward Snowden also took a jab at Coinbase and said that the $16million dollars that the company spent on the ad would have been better used for making a better website.

Although through the sea of mockery there were some who praised the da and the novel approach that Coinbase took. As crypto and its usage increase more and more people will start using it. This is very similar to what El Salvador did to attract more people to their Chivo crypto wallet.

The $15 joining bonus is a great way to get people into the crypto scene and help them start their journey. The joining bonus does not cost anything to the user but is rather an incentive to get on the app and dip their feet in the world of crypto.

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