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CoinEx was the Gold Sponsor at Crypto Expo Dubai

There is more to blockchain technology than algorithms, legislation, and code as it percolates deeper into practically every sector of our economies – from finance to supply chain to real estate.

This is why people from the globe are coming up with more than just events of the crypto industry that consists of expos, conferences, GD, and whatnot. Crypto Expo Dubai is one of the prestigious events for crypto fanatics to participate in.

CoinEx was not just a regular part of Crypto Expo Dubai but also one of the Gold Sponsors that were present and made their influential contribution to one of the most efficacious crypto events.

What is CoinEx all About?

CoinEx is a professional global cryptocurrency exchange that was established in the year 2017. Within less than ten years of its initiation, it has already become an extravagance brand globally, establishing its name in the crypto industry.

CoinEx’s key staff members come from prominent internet and finance organizations worldwide, including early cryptocurrency adopters and professionals with extensive experience in worldwide operations and services.

As per their website, they are committed to building a highly safe, robust, and efficient cryptocurrency exchange for global users, using our patented trade matching system and good user experience.

The top 3 perks CoinEx provide you with are the following:-

  1. Stability and security- With a self-developed proprietary trade matching engine, it can support up to 10,000 TPS.
  2. Users are the priority- They have built a community of 2000+ based on their trust and security in these past years.
  3. Operations run globally- With experts in Fintech and blockchain, CoinEx is becoming stronger and spreading its wings in the world.

CoinEx is a professional crypto trading platform that supports spot, margin, futures, and other derivatives trading. To conclude, they use high-end technology to provide you with quality and professional services.

Cryptured Team
Cryptured Team
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