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Coinhako Sees 50% Spike in Average Trade Amounts Amid Volatility.

Coinhako plans to introduce a dedicated service to cater to the growing and high-net-worth individuals. The platform has seen a 50% increase in average trade amounts despite the volatility that has engulfed cryptocurrencies and equities over the summer. Coinhako said trading volumes among institutional investors surged on its platform – 300% higher than during the same period in 2021.

The platform aims to deliver a variety of structured products and quantitative investment strategies through Coinhako Treasuries. It wants to empower institutions that want to gain exposure to crypto but don’t know where to start. But Coinhako says regulatory uncertainty has been a big hurdle for deep-pocketed individuals and organizations. Coinhako is stated to be among a small number of firms to receive a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to offer Digital Payment Token services.

Coinhako hopes to offer safer avenues for institutional investors through its structured products by capitalizing on the volatility of cryptocurrencies which is higher when compared with more traditional asset classes. It also plans to include principal-protected crypto notes to deliver exposure to crypto assets for a stipulated period of time. Dedicated index funds will serve as one-stop investment vehicles for broad exposure to the vibrant market.

Yusho Liu, Coinhako’s co-founder, said the platform has been using this crypto downturn as an opportunity to build on Coinhako’s institutional services. He outlined that the platform is seeing increased interest in this vertical and is well-positioned to provide quality service alongside sophisticated offerings. Liu said their regulatory-compliant process and continual bolstering of their existing infrastructure have been strategic in advancements in the institutional space.

Coinhako wants to give institutional investors assurance and compliance in the world of crypto, thus, its commitment to security and reliability.

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