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CoinList Announces Registrations For Stader Token Sale

CoinList has announced that registrations for Stader Token (SD), the native governance and value accrual token for Stader, for sale is now open. Buyers have two public options of the sale that begins on January 25 at 18:00 UTC. These are:

Option 1

l Price: $4.50

l Supply: 3,000,000

l Lockup & Release: there will be a 40-day lockup which will be followed by 20% release every month – this starts around March 8, 2022

Option 2

l Price: $3.33

l Supply: 3,000,000

l Lockup & Release: this is a three-month lockup, and will be followed up by 20% release every two months – starting around April 25, 2022

Those interested should note that the registration deadline is on January 23 at 23:59 UTC. Stader has floated two products – simplified staking (Stake Pools) and liquid staking (LunaX) on Terra. These solutions, since their launch on November 23, 2021, have gained significant traction in Terra’s DeFi ecosystem.

The Stader infrastructure allows flexibility to grow. It also incorporates new features. There is also a system of highly-interactive smart contracts. If it were to integrate new strategies or products, minor changes would be required in the specific independent contract.

Moreover, the SD token has a number of core utilities across its ecosystem. This includes preferential delegations, rewards and discounts, slashing insurance, development access to its infrastructure as well as governance. Stader wants to develop an economic environment to grow and innovate solutions. Its modular smart contracts are designed to assist the intermediary use of their elements and recommend bespoke solutions.

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