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CoinSmart Made It Big At The AIBC Summit Toronto.

Toronto was a natural decision for them because Canada is one of the leading countries pushing the future industry. The AIBC Americas Expo will be a haven for many investors and entrepreneurs wanting to ride the wave of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, as it was a hub for the world’s best specialists in legislation, policymaking, technology development, and cutting-edge research.

Toronto is a center for new technology and its integration into day-to-day living, according to the Cities of the Future Index, which ranks it among the top smart cities. Why wouldn’t they want to be at the center of the future’s trillion-dollar industries if they had the chance? And what better way to witness it than CoinSmart being present.

The Best Use Cases of CoinSmart

SmartPay is the most user-friendly way to accept cryptocurrency payments. With same-day rewards wired to your bank account, you can instantly change your BTC to currency. Without the fear of chargebacks or price volatility, you may get assured exchange rates and cheap transaction fees.


Forget about trading pairs: you may trade from one coin to another with a single click, without first trading to Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s as easy as picking the coins you’d like to swap. The rest is taken care of by us in a single transaction!


CoinSmart can avoid fraud by implementing a sophisticated identity verification process that uses a database provided by data-gathering organizations to detect bogus addresses and dates of birth. CoinSmart can authenticate a person’s identification while also keeping personal user information protected by utilizing these agencies.

Users of CoinSmart must enable the two-factor authentication system (2FA). Users must first download the Google Authenticator app and link it to their account to activate this extra degree of security (steps for this procedure can be found here). When attempting to log in, the user will be required to enter their unique 6-digit passcode generated on their mobile device (the passcode changes every 30 seconds). Each time a user logs in, they will be required to input their newly created code. Additional account security advice can be found here.

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