Sunday, July 21, 2024

Colombia publishes a guide for using blockchain in national public projects.

Quite a few governments across the globe are signing up to issue cryptocurrencies and also use blockchain technology for projects. Important projects that governments want to set up and roll out require decentralization and transparency. Colombia is the latest government is South America to issue a guide on blockchain implementation in essential projects.

This guide has been issued by the Colombian Ministry of Information Technology. The document offers a definition of blockchain and its many elements. It also sets out detailed guidelines for projects to follow, based on individual project needs. According to the Ministry, a project which uses blockchain technology for public sector work needs an in-depth and detailed requirements review. This is essential so that challenges can be resolved and set out distributed database usability based on project type.

Colombia has already gone the extra step to identify problems that can be solved with the help of blockchain technology. One of these projects is titled RITA – a method in which national universities are able to not only issue but also verify the authenticity of the issued diploma.

Another project that could benefit from blockchain use is the issuance of land certificates. This project was completed by Peersyst Technology using the Ripple Ledger. This ledger acts as the base for registration, verification, and authentication of such certificates. The goal is to accelerate the issuance of these documents and to issue 100,000 or more certificates to legitimate landowners quickly.

Another South American country trying to accelerate the setting up of blockchain platforms for different projects is Brazil. Its network is geared for use by institutions to develop their own apps and ensure that public organizations remain transparent.

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