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Companies open offices in the metaverse, which is the future of work.

The future is here, and it is all virtual. The metaverse, running on blockchain technology, with NFTs and virtual reality – is the future.

Ever since Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg launched Metaverse and Meta – there has been a lot of hype around it. Technology enthusiasts have made stores, scenic areas, and whatnot on the metaverse. There are art enthusiasts making NFTs, and people mining bitcoins for purchasing land on the metaverse.

Metaverse – latest update

There has been quite a movement around Metaverse. But, this momentum saw a mild decline in recent times. There was a lot more jargon and a lot less clarity – so the interests of the people diverged. But, the metaverse is back again.

Atom Virtual Office

With the easing of restrictions imposed because of covid, offices are opening again and people are back at work. Amidst this scenario, a Mumbai-based company – Atom – opened a new office in the metaverse!

Atom bought the digital space in one setup called Decantraland. It aims to use this space to connect with more distant clients and target more international clientele.

KuCoin Meta Office

Another name in this trend of virtual offices is KuCoin. KuCoin opened its meta office on Bloktopia Digital Space. Their prime aim for the meta offices is to focus on immersion and interactivity.

There are more names like Bjarke Ingels Group and Siam Commercial Bank that have moved towards virtual offices. This shows that the metaverse is not a faded trend yet. It is slowly growing and it is indeed here to stay. There is a lot more to explore in the meta verse – and maybe the way through is by corporates.

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