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Consolidity Simplifies Company Formation at the AIBC Summit 2021

There is no denying the fact that blockchain and other cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential as a medium of exchange, it’s blockchain, the underlying distributed ledger technology, that has sparked the interest of entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, financial institutions, and other companies. And to meet this demand, people must have the right knowledge of it.

Therefore several events and conferences are being held on a mainstream basis, all across the globe. AIBC Summit is one of the best-suited examples for it.

The AIBC expo floor features a carefully curated presentation of the market’s best products and solutions. This high-octane event gives guests direct access to some of the industry’s most well-known businesses, making it a great place to network and do business.

It is one of the top companies that took part in the AIBC Summit this year. The Maltese-Hungarian development studio that created the product is likewise named Consolidity.

Their main goal is to promote digital process optimization and eliminate the usage of paper in bureaucratic operations. For the time being, Consolidity is the company’s main product, but they’re still available if you need development, consulting training, or any other type of assistance with new technology, digital process optimization, or automation.

Consolidity is a Smart, Digital, and Automated Back-Office You Need

The platform drives efficiency for business departments trying to streamline client acquisition and data analytics to support compliance by focusing on onboarding, automated account management, and document generation.

The company, unlike the vast majority of digital back-office solutions, features a clean and fluid end-user-facing web portal with no data redundancy.

Consolidity automates the development of necessary paperwork, screenings, compliance obligations, required verification, and risk and profile evaluations by entirely digitizing official operations.

This project is a modern and adaptable solution with intelligent and fluid workflow tools that allow any Bank or FinTech company to digitize, automate, and improve their core customer acceptance standards, account management processes, product servicing, and compliance procedures within the software.

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