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At COP26, the Climate Chain Coalition promotes the building of a green economy

The focus on promoting global energy has been a very important concern for people across the world. It is a necessity for people to think about the effects that the economy leaves on the environment. Similarly, COP 26 also promotes the protection of the environment with all the support of the countries that are indulged in the production of pollution. Climate protection is needed for the betterment of the environment on a large scale. The leaders from countries across the globe come together to discuss and finalize the solution of working for the environment.

COP 26 aims to create a “Green Economy”

The ‘conference of parties’ has been an initiative by the national leaders to reduce emissions and focus on the green economy. It is observed in many such conferences that countries by themselves come forward to take a pledge to reduce the emission by the year 2030. The conference aimed at reducing emissions and promoting the policies of the core. The green economy will help to adapt to the changes which are required in the world.

“Climate Chain Coalition (CCC)”, a concept to promote the network of digital asset

The blockchain is the new network to which people are not accustomed and used. It has become very important for people to get accustomed to the future of digital assets to build a bright future. CCC helps to scale the adaption along with the mitigation with the help of the digital assets. The blockchain technology, therefore, is looked from a different perspective.

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