Monday, December 4, 2023

COVID-19 have led to the relocation of religious services to the metaverse

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people do things and live their lives. The new normal now is to use the Internet to even go to church or attend prayer services. Quite a few religious groups are now using digital platforms to add to their regular services. Many are experiencing spirituality in a 3D space using virtual reality.

According to a news report in the New Zealand Herald, Garret Bernal and his family couldn’t attend Sunday Services as they were quarantined. He put on a VR-capable headset and logged into metaverse to pray. He was in a realm with cliffs, rivers and pastures as portrayed in the bible and was guided in prayer. The session was led by a virtual pastor who led him and others through digital images of the bible based on different passages. Bernal, who is a devout LDS member that he couldn’t have experienced something as phenomenal sitting in church.

Other religious leaders have been vocal about the use of VR and its benefits. It is definitely a step forward in the process of helping people gain self-realization. The future of going to church and attending services is definitely heading to the metaverse because everyone can attend. There is no need to step out of your house, especially in a pandemic.

VR churches are based entirely in the metaverse, and the goal is to create loving communities of similar spiritual seekers and believers. Due to COVID-19, or due to lack of accessibility to physical churches, people are opting to visit VR churches. VR churches are expected to lead Christianity into the new world of cryptocurrency, blockchain and DAOs.

The news report also states that there was little interest in the beginning and pastors talked to small groups of people. The pandemic has definitely led to an explosion in membership and is here to stay.

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