Monday, December 4, 2023

According to the creator of LEARN Afghanistan, the Taliban will never comprehend cryptocurrency

Afghanistan has been both a site of tragedy and a political playground for many years now. However, what many people do not realize is that the present situation is pushing Afghanistan decades behind the rest of the world. While other middle eastern countries like the UAE are launching their own NFT stamps, Afghanistan remains in the shadow of no financial growth or innovation. The problem becomes even more acute when we take into account the fact that there isn’t any hope for the country in the near future either. The Taliban does not show signs of modernity or human-centric growth, and according to one leading expert, will never do so. Creator of LEARN Afghanistan, Pashtana Durrani, has said that the Taliban is incapable of understanding cryptocurrency. As a result, the country will continue seeing abysmally low rates of crypto adoption and innovation.

Pashtana Durrani, the founder of LEARN Afghanistan, is on a mission to educate girls of Afghanistan. These women have remained oppressed for most of their lives and have little to no financial literacy and independence. Durrani is trying to give these girls a better life by making them capable of being financially independent.

According to her, the Taliban does not have the world view or financial literacy to understand digital assets. It is a result of an amalgamation of orthodoxy, illiteracy, and unawareness. According to Durrani and many other social workers from Afghanistan, the country is showing no hope of cryptocurrency adoption in the foreseeable future.

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