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Cross-Asset Trading Platform DIFX Marked its Presence at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event

DIFX is the first and only fully insured cross-asset trading platform in the world. The platform was built as a blockchain-based crypto exchange to bring major and long-term change to the financial markets.

The ecosystem provides a complete solution for digital currency trading, investing, as well as staking. The company was present at the AIBC Summit 2022 Event, which was held in Dubai this year. It is considered among the most prominent events in the field of crypto and blockchain.

DIFX is a multi-asset trading platform

Blockchain and crypto startups are once again in the spotlight this year, thanks to Bitcoin’s all-time high. Nikita Sachdev, a tech entrepreneur as well as broadcaster, sat down with a startup that is changing the way we trade digital goods.

DIFX is a multi-asset trading platform that enables customers to trade everything from gold to stocks to bitcoin.

What is DIFX’s long-term strategy?

They seek to establish a new financial system in which digital currency is utilized to settle payments directly between the payer and the recipient. Because of its ease of use, the platform will enable millions of unbanked people to use virtual currencies.

They intend to employ blockchain technology to make remittance services more accessible, as well as to provide value to their consumers through the wise use of digital assets. With immutable ledger records and a high-security transaction network, we will cut settlement time and increase efficiency while trading.

What is a cross-asset exchange, and how does it work? What sets DIFX apart from other exchanges?

Users can trade across asset classes on a cross-asset exchange. Stocks, indexes, cryptocurrencies, currency, and commodities are among our asset classes.

DIFX is completely altering the trading scene. Users can trade almost any trading class, including coffee beans, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

The DIFX ecosystem also has three components: an exchange, multi-currency wallet services, as well as cross-asset trading.

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