Friday, February 23, 2024

For global crypto promotion, collaborates with esports host Twitch Rivals

In the world of gaming, cryptocurrency is fast becoming a norm. Apart from blockchain-based games, or GameFi, even regular esports ventures are now partnering with cryptocurrency firms. In the latest development in esports, Twitch is partnering with Both twitch and are leaders in their fields, and their joint efforts would introduce many gamers to the world of cryptocurrency.

Twitch Rivals is an anticipated esports tournament hosted by Twitch. It is one of the most significant esports tournaments since it sees twitch streamers battling against pro gamers. The excitement around the event is always, more so this time because of’s partnership. The deal has been signed for multiple years, and will be Twitch’s partner in the Asia-pacific region.

The world of gaming is not alien to cryptocurrencies. However, many do not have an in-depth understanding of it. is set to change that with its aggressive marketing campaigns and tie-ups with some of the biggest names. Through this partnership with Twitch, will get multiple avenues of broadcasting advertisements and talking about their products. They will also try to bring more people on board by individually talking to them about their cryptocurrency perceptions. If successful, such a large-scale partnership will rope in many users to

In the past, leading game developers like Ubisoft have expressed interest in blockchain technology. The world of gaming and cryptocurrency often overlap. Such a partnership between giants of both fields is set to be a huge success.

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