Thursday, December 7, 2023

Crypto Exchange Company AMON Showed up at the AIBC Summit

What if we tell you that there exists a platform that possesses a complete understanding of the financial systems and allows its customers to earn up to 12% on their crypto investments. Sounds imaginary right? Well, AMON is that platform, which is thriving in the crypto space and intends to take their customers along with them to earn notably from their crypto investments.

AMON, being founded and run by millennials, keeps note of the fact that the primitive method of generating wealth, which included purchasing property and saving for retirement, is no longer that impactful, and even more, they are dreading the money out of our funds.

In addition to this, the firm laid an emphasis on the fact that the banks, which are there to assist people, are offering interest rates of only 1%, which is nothing, as the inflation eats all the profits incurred. Witnessing this situation, AMON partnered with Celcius, to offer a return of up to 12% on the leading cryptocurrencies in the world.

AMON Facilitates Secure and Safe Crypto ROIs

Moreover, being partnered with firms like BitGo and partners regulated by FCA, AMON is intended towards providing its users with an opportunity to earn passively from the crypto investments and ultimately paving out a way for financial freedom.

The users will have the option to get paid out on a weekly basis and withdraw their investments without any locking period and hassle related to it.

AMON also emphasizes the security part amid the rising concerns related to privacy and securities of crypto wallets, and hence, have operated on it accordingly. The company’s partnership with BitGo wallet, which is an institutional level cold wallet to store cryptocurrencies safely.

Also, we should note that the company recently partnered with firms like UnionPay, MKB Bank, Digital Magics, Tribe, Clear Junction, Liquid, Sum & Substance, and Bank to the

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