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Crypto experts share the best Altcoin investing opportunities


Digital currencies have become incredibly popular over the last few years. However, Bitcoin has been the most popular among all of them. At the same time, some other smaller cryptocurrencies have started enjoying more mainstream popularity. In short, the idea of cryptocurrencies has gathered an important place in the consciousness of many people.

Yet, with so many digital currencies around, it may be a bit overwhelming to decide which digital currencies to invest in. At present, there are thousands of types of virtual coins available on the market. Some including Dogecoin had been introduced as fun and do not seem to be serious. Some others have been designed on the Etherium Blockchain. These look like having better use cases.

Adrian Zduńczyk claims the potential of these 5 altcoins

Adrian Zduńczyk, a crypto tech analyst claims some altcoins have the ability to perform better than Bitcoin. He is the CEO and founder of a trading platform called Birb Nest. Zduńczyk has shared the names of five altcoins that he feels might surge 10 to 100 times. These are as follows:

1. FRM or Ferrum Network, which happens to be a DeFi project. The cryptocurrency provides Blockchain solutions that can nurse startups.

2. LINA or Linear Finance is an established project. Its aim is to democratize access to traditional and digital investment assets.

3. STT or StarTerra is the maiden gasified launch pad. With the maturity of the DeFi market, Zduńczyk feels there will be a growing requirement for an alluring launchpad platform to start new businesses.

4. The SNP or Synapse Network aims to fulfill the dream of completely regulated monetary establishments, which are supported by DeFi merchandise. The platform is creating an official and fully licensed digital currency-to-back financial institution with one hundred percent licenses DeFi businesses.

5. EXRD/XRD or Radix DLT is a DeFi protocol in layer 1. It aims to offer simplicity, efficiency, and scalability. The altcoin also has a goal to resolve regulatory problems where other blockchains such as Ethereum do not succeed.

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