Sunday, December 10, 2023

Crypto Expo Dubai Marked the Presence of Zenihub

The crypto market is constantly growing. It’s challenging to find someone today who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrencies. More people are joining the fold with each passing day. Some come as investors, others as casual owners or traders, and others as crypto enthusiasts who want to learn more.

All of these people have one thing in common: they are always reading about crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. It brings to the point of having crypto-based conferences, events throughout the world, and one of the esteemed Crypto Expo Dubai has marked the presence of Zenihub.

What is it all About?

Tokumasa Yamashita is the CEO and Founder of Zenihub, a blockchain-based real estate investment ecosystem that focuses on assets in emerging markets. Tokumasa is a real estate investment specialist with over eight years of financial industry experience, including five years at one of Japan’s top real estate private equity organizations.

In addition, he was a management consultant at Deloitte before launching Zenihub, where he advised some of Japan’s most notable Corporate Venture Capitals. Tokumasa graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

The website provides the most productive real estate investment prospects that are uniques in two ways

  1. Zenihub’s professional personnel in the target region sourced and vetted the candidates.
  2. Zenihub developed it in partnership with strategic partners.

It is based on effective blockchain technology in a way that it is using a secure way of ledger which is why it is the most secure end-to-end encrypted platform. Investors can invest in a fraction of a real estate project using Zenihub, allowing them to invest in lesser quantities.

It also makes sure to make the transactions quick and easy in order to avoid monotonous work throughout the whole process. If an investor wants to sell a Zeni Token at any moment, Zenihub offers a secondary market where they can do so.

Cryptured Team
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