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The crypto market’s short-term downturn appears to be finished, according to key data signals.

According to key data signals and various charts put forward by crypto enthusiasts and experts, the crypto market’s downturn now seems to be over. Due to the holiday season, most crypto assets were liquidated. This was done by holders so that they could spend some money during the holiday season. Apart from that, the data indicates that people have once again jumped into crypto trading and are buying cryptocurrencies.

The Examples

The biggest example that one can cite is that of Bitcoin. It fell to 54 thousand dollars in November. However, it is now back to its original value of 58 thousand dollars. It also touched 59 thousand dollars at one point. According to experts, its value will continue to rise in the next year as more and more companies move towards decentralization. Another example would be that of Ethereum. Ethereum saw a record high of 16% increment in its assets under management. This was an extremely good piece of news for Ethereum holders. This increase even led some people to believe that Ethereum might take over BTC. Yet, that is a conversation for another time, and it is quite unlikely as of now.

The Conclusion

The Metaverse tokens and gamification process with regard to NFTs are still on the rise. Companies are moving towards decentralization. Twitter is one example that comes to mind. More and more companies have begun accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. More and more companies are pouring resources into Defi development. All in all, things look quite good for crypto markets in the future that is to come.

Cryptured Team
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