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Crypto mining firms prefer smaller cities and towns to tackle competition.

Crypto mining firms are looking at smaller cities and towns to rejuvenate abandoned real estate and to stand up to competitors in the market. This comes as the crypto mining industry shifts from a fringe movement to now a professional and institutional industry.

Antonio Bestard, Plan C Crypto CEO, highlighted that empty buildings in towns far away from major cities provide cheaper real estate. As such, crypto mining firms have the opportunity to build on local, more affordable power grids. Bestard revealed that the company’s choice of Fayetteville, North Carolina as its regional headquarters will resuscitate an old factory that has been abandoned for 20-years. He said that at the regional headquarters, Plan C Crypto will put veterans out of Fort Bragg and train them to be plan technicians and plant managers. The executive believes that a soldier can fix anything, be it in the battlefield or at a crypto mining facility.

Focused on the public power grid, Plan C Crypto allows public utilities to buy more renewable energy through its demand response programs. Bestard highlighted that Plan C Crypto is moving into the community silently. It will bring jobs without disrupting the area. The company is committed to being a non-noisy neighbor. It intends to achieve this through immersion mining and removing loud fans.

Christopher Perceptions, the CEO of PerceptForm, pointed out that if everyone is going to Austin or Miami, PerceptForm wants to build elsewhere. He said there are 50 states and the company wants to go where others are not.

PerceptForm offers crypto and blockchain products. One of its renowned products is PerceptMine which is a social bitcoin mining operation. It tokenizes and shares portions of revenue derived from a facility’s profits. PerceptForm is on the verge of finalizing mining facilities in Wyoming, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. The company also has plans to carve out a footprint in 20 to 30 more cities.

Perceptions shared that the three markets – Wyoming, North Carolina, and Wisconsin – are huge. He believes that if the company can build there, PerceptForm can go anywhere. The company will provide opportunities for the locals such as education and jobs, as well as financial incentives.

Mason Jappa, CEO of Blockware Solutions, highlighted that in the mining world, the turnaround in communities – which happens when a large mining farm is deployed – can change lives. He said a mining entity can offer healthcare, retirement plans and turn the town’s economy around.

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