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Crypto scams emerge as one of the top threats for Indians in 2021

The pandemic-induced lockdown has pushed many people around the world to stay home and carry out their responsibilities via the internet. While many companies have been able to profit from a remote working model – so have cybercriminals.

A recent report gathered by cybersecurity researchers shows that in the year 2021, ransomware emerged as the primary threat for Indians using the internet, followed by scams relating to crypto.

The research gathers that attackers have begun using more sophisticated ways to carry out their criminal activities. These cybercriminals have been able to use new techniques and protect their activities to a much greater extent. Scams have taken center stage, as these criminals have efficiently made use of social engineering to dupe unsuspecting people.

Compared to last year, illegal activities and scams pertaining to crypto mining have emerged to be a serious threat.

Two well-known scams were from Crackonosh and BluStealer, which impacted many countries around the globe. In addition to this was a crypto-stealing malware that emerged on the Telegram app, which was distributed by a channel called HackBoss. This scam ran long enough to steal close to $560,000 from unsuspecting criminals.

Many regulations are currently being put in place in the country by the central government, especially considering the lack of proper monitoring when it comes to illegal activities carried out via cryptocurrencies.

In the meanwhile, people have to be extra cautious to know where they are investing their hard-earned money, and to also look out for certain red flags indicating online scams and cyberthreats.

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