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Crypto Security Experts Criticize DeSo Seed Phrase Login Update

Nader Al-Naji, DeSo founder on January 9 announced updating the login flow of DeSo. However, experts think it will worsen the security of the decentralized social media platform. In fact, they think it can undermine security throughout the Web 3 field. The company was operating as BitClout and has shown what Web 3 can become in the future. The platform is based on token economics. Content creators receive payments for their works. DeSo assets can be managed with digital wallets similar to Samourai or MetaMask. Similar models have been followed by the creator tokens like Rally and Roll.

Critics Not Sure of the Success of This New Change

Critics have said that DeSo was pushing users toward an unwanted behavior – submitting the “seed phrase” of their wallet using a simple web interface. The seed phrase also called “recovery phrase” makes contents of the wallet accessible to anyone having it. Its resetting or replacement is impossible after it has been compromised. Because of the high sensitivity of seed phrases, the advice has been to never submit them through an Internet connected setup. A website is considered the worst choice among all options for this purpose. The Web 3 idea is protected better if the wallet management remains an individual responsibility. Higher level of security is critical to make this initiative successful.

The Security Could Be Compromised

In place of avoiding the problems of the seed phrase being used as a login input, DeSo only appears to encourage it. Users are being asked to keep the seed phrase in their Google Drive. Top crypto engineers, investors and executives do not find this solution the right choice. They think it can compromise seed phrases that store crypto assets worth thousands of dollars.

The seed phrase is considered highly sensitive similar to biometric data so this decision has not gone down well with the crypto security experts.

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