Sunday, December 3, 2023

Crypto Twist: Florida Restaurant Offers Cuban Sandwiches And Dogedog Hot Dogs

Are you a foodie and are game enough to try new dishes every now and then? Well, how about a crypto-themed menu? A new bistro on Clearwater Beach in Florida offers just that!

Step into Ricardo Varona’s Crypto Street Restaurant and you will find yourself in a crypto universe. The eatery’s decor includes bitcoin symbols, rocket ships, and colorful illustrations of the Dogecoin’s dog meme. One can also find quotes from billionaire crypto enthusiasts Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Varona says his restaurant will have people talking, thinking, eating and drinking crypto! The Crypto Street Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Residence Inn by the Marriott Hotel. It’s at 309 Coronado Drive. Varona said the restaurant accepts all cryptocurrencies. Their menu includes “Dogedog” hot dogs, “The Blockchain Club”, “LiteCuban”, and “Crypto Cuban” sandwiches etc.

The owner of the crypto restaurant revealed that he wasn’t much of a crypto fan when his 24-year-old son told him about the digital assets. Varona said he thought it was crazy. He believed it wasn’t worth anything. However, he grew a liking for it and decided to start a restaurant that would accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Varona said that initially, his idea was looked at and judged as “odd”. And the COVID-19 pandemic added to the challenge.

But the passion to do something different and something fresh, had Varona sticking to the concept. He went ahead with his idea. Now the restaurant has emerged as an “in-place” and pulls crowds on young people. Varona shared that the restaurant has become the talk of the town. His customers have revealed how they got to know about cryptocurrencies and how they feel about them. He said the older generation were introduced to digital assets by either their children or grandchildren. And they too like Varona thought it was berserk.

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