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As the crypto wallet backlog reaches 1.6 million people, Robinhood’s COO praises Shiba Inu


Cryptocurrency has been going through a huge revolution and has also suffered from a heavy amount of rising in the prices of the different currencies. When the new currencies in the market get listed in the exchanges, it becomes difficult to maintain the momentum in the market. The pressure rises when the demand for the introduction of new currency is shown by the audience of the market. The wallet authorized by the crypto has seen an increase in the number of users and surpassed the numbers of more than one and half million.

SHIB has received praises from the “Chief Operating Officer”

Robinhood has made statements appreciating SHIB keeping in mind the price trend in the market. It becomes easy for the traders in the market to predict the prices in the future if the currency follows a constant growth or the same pattern. On contrary to this feature, SHIB has shown fluctuations in the market which are unpredictable in the market.

New currencies can also come similar to the form of SHIB i.e., Meme inspired

The new currencies can also come similar to the way of other “meme-inspired” currencies which attracts the traders. Safety concerns have been raised by the exchanges a lot of times. The number of users for the wallet has been increasing in the market along with the demand for the introduction of new currencies. However, the “COO” is also mentioning the safety standards which needs to be kept in mind because the increasing trends affect the trade.

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