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As the crypto wallet queue reaches 1.6 million people, Robinhood’s COO praises Shiba Inu.

The Blockchain network consists of different types of currencies. There are some major contributors to the traded volume in the blockchain network. The wallet of cryptocurrency has surpassed 1 million recently and has created a new landmark for the other digital assets that are in the financial market. There are bitcoins like SHIB, which saw a major trend line. SHIB is a meme coin or is inspired by a meme, which caught the attention of many investors and traders. This comes in soon after it was mentioned in one of the tweets by Mr. Elon Musk.

COO has always considered the safety of these coins as the priority of the community

The whole community of SHIB is dependent on safety and privacy measures. The chief operating officer of Robin Hood appreciated the growth in the SHIB, keeping in mind the lower span of time. The head of the committee has always appreciated the long-term gains instead of the short-term investments. The short-term gains in the market might hamper the safety of the company.

However, the strategy to pull the long-term investors and traders in the community makes the whole network of SHIB more convenient and user-friendly for the people. The concept of focusing on the long term is similar to the share market, where the fundamentals determine the passage and time of investment. Therefore, it is important to consider the whole strategy and framework of the community to understand the increase in the trend or rally for the value of this particular meme coin

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