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With CryptoCity Metaverse’s newest version, you may enhance your metaverse experience.

Ever since Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have made the concept of metaverse mainstream, speculations in the crypto industry have begun regarding what it means for them. This word also garnered buzz in popular culture due to Marvel’s adoption of the same. For many, the metaverse means a lot of different things. In popular culture, for example, it is an amalgamation of parallel universes.

What does it mean in tech?

Metaverse, as of now, is a concept that will bring together the digital world and the physical world. In a sense, this scenario conforms to the definition of a metaverse – an amalgamation of parallel universes. With technological advancements such as the introduction of VR and AR, we’ll probably be seeing its implementation in social media in the coming years. There is also a possibility that other fields will make use of this concept to connect with it. A metaverse will, by definition, be decentralized. Decentralization is a term that is at the core of cryptocurrency. The whole world of DeFi Or Decentralized Finance is being powered by cryptocurrencies.

Metaverse and Crypto

Cryptocity will be a separate space in the metaverse wherein traders will be able to trade along with sound and sight without actually leaving their homes! There are many spaces that will be constructed in the metaverse and Cryptocity will especially be of importance to crypto enthusiasts. However, the tech required for this is not yet readily available to all. Proper implementation of metaverse, as well as cryptocity, is still to come.

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