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Cryptocurrency salaries are becoming increasingly popular as a way of attracting young talent

Receiving salaries in cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly popular. Athletes were the first people to make this transition, followed by other celebrities and politicians. However, it was largely a niche payment method and only select people opted to receive salaries in Bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptocurrencies. Even then, a third-party entity is almost always needed to facilitate the conversion and processing tasks. The young workforce, however, seems to be inclining towards cryptocurrency salaries, as is evident from a report published by CNBC. Companies are now offering salaries in cryptocurrencies to attract young and talented people, and the system is proving to be mutually beneficial.

The CNBC report talks about the case of a young university student named Stephen Gerrits. Like many students, he opted for a part-time job at a tech startup but did not want his salary in fiat currency. Instead, he opted for payments in cryptocurrencies. He also says that it has resulted in him earning more than his stipulated salary due to price changes.

On the other end of the spectrum, Tiyanna Brown is a digital artist who works independently and proudly calls herself a well-to-do artist. She receives payment for all her artworks in Ether and has made a fortune for herself. She believes that the future of payment for art will be in crypto since it removes the intermediary and is more profitable for artists. These two case studies show that crypto adoption rates will increase in different rates, and receiving salaries in Bitcoin, Ether, and other tokens will be one of them.

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