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Cryptocurrency should be taught in schools, according to New York’s new mayor

Crypto literacy rates are abysmally low across the world. Part of the reason is the recency of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Cryptocurrency has been in existence barely for a decade, and naturally many people do not have any idea about it. Another reason is the reluctance of authorities to spread awareness about crypto. Despite its merits, governmental authorities are largely against the idea of a cryptocurrency ecosystem. The inherent anti-centralization nature of the system is seen as a threat to unified mechanisms.

However, as more and more people show interest in crypto, public figures are speaking in favor of educating the population about cryptocurrency. In a recent development, the incoming mayor of New York has spoken in support of accommodating cryptocurrency in school curriculums. Eric Adams is famous for his pro-crypto stance and his vision of making New York a cryptocurrency hub of the world. He believes that adding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to school curriculums is a necessity since Bitcoin is now a global medium for exchanging goods, services, and assets. If the population is educated and made aware at a young age, they will go on to be much more competent with handling both digital and fiat assets.

Across the world, only a small segment of the population is aware of cryptocurrency. Within that segment, a smaller segment is competent in handling the processes. With ground-level education, this scenario can change within a short span of time.

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