Thursday, June 20, 2024

As cryptocurrency values plummet to near one-year lows, here are five altcoins to keep an eye on.

With financial markets in turmoil the world over, it is no surprise that cryptocurrencies are leading the charge. All of the top cryptocurrencies have lost 40% or more of their value in the last two weeks. Except for stablecoins which are tied to the dollar, that is.

Ethereum values dropped the most, at close to 39%, followed by Solana and XRP, which lost 36% of their value. The list of losses features others too – Dogecoin, Cardano, Uniswap, Avalanche, Binance Coin, Polkadot. Bitcoin is also in the loser’s column with 21% of its value gone. It is not uncommon that such steep declines happen in the market. Some analysts expect losses to carry on further while others expect a bounce back in the markets.

Given this grim scenario, there is a silver lining to look forward to as well in the crypto market. Here is a look at five altcoins that are expected to hold their own.

1. Basic Attention Token

2. Chia

3. Chiliz

4. Chainlink

5. Holo

All of these are pegged to the dollar and show great promise. They have growth potential in the future. There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are speculative, but these have gained acceptance since their inception. They are being adopted by companies and the same can be expected with altcoins as well. Crypto investors would do well if they added good altcoins to their portfolios. These offer the same utility and value for applications in the real world

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