Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cryptocurrency women take over the Davos WEF.

There are many people who pay close attention to the decision makers who gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This summit lasts for five days, and this year, it was noticed that there were many decision-makers that were women. This is in contrast to similar crypto events that have been taken place in Lisbon and even Dubai. The Promenade located in Davos, found itself taken over by companies in the crypto space.

The presence of crypto companies was even more than that of the present of traditional tech and financial companies. There were lots of women present, in positions of seniority, that shows that the future of the crypto space is bright.

Women at the World Ecomokic Forum

Having a community that is diverse provides more support to projects that are new. It also ensures that women are represented well and given importance. This year, it was seen how women now have more integral roles to play in major projects within the crypto space.

A study that was done in 2019 by Grayscale showed that around 43% of the people interested in bitcoin were actually women. This number has continued to grow with the open and easy access to cryptocurrency, which is different from traditional investing.

The playing field for men and women have leveled put as a result of information as well as access becoming more available to people. At the WEF, it was possible to find women investors, entrepreneurs and even mentors. These women are making an impact on the crypto scene, and their presence at the WEF can testify to that.

Cryptured Team
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