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Bitcoin has had its ups and downs but it seems like it is starting its second bull run in 2021. It was valued at $45k before El Salvador adopted it as its legal tender in September 2021. The coin crashed and lost a significant value in a matter of days.

But its high of $57,450 has been its highest since Feb one can easily say that Bitcoin remains unaffected. even after the Chinese government’s recent crackdown on crypto.

This combined with the expert predictions that the cryptocurrency will reach a six-figure high means that people are still interested in cryptocurrencies. Some say that it will reach a $100k high but these are just conservative estimates.

Some experts say that the price can cross even $200k and Ethereum Will cap at $10,000. With many Bitcoin whales buying coins for the upcoming bull run there is a chance that the coin will soon be out of reach for most.

All the data available suggests that the coin will peak at well above $100,000. This is the reason why everyone is keeping watch on the BTC charts. With its programmed scarcity and volatile nature, anyone looking to invest in these new-age DeFi systems should do their research.

If you have been planning to get into the crypto market for some time, right now is the best time to do so. After this bull run, there is a chance that the prices will be so high that they’ll be tough to buy and trade.

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